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Economic Policy (Macroeconomics)

Economic Policy (Macroeconomics)

Challenges & Opportunities

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Sample of Challenges & Opportunities

For a lot of your students, the extremely important information about the economy that saturates the media-scape is white noise, a gob of numbers and acronyms and jargon. They hear, somewhere in the background, about the unemployment rate, changes in the GDP, the pros and cons of different plans to help the economy, and so on. However, it is often difficult for them to make a clear link between all this big-picture information and their own day-to-day lives. Your challenge here is to show students that all these numbers represent people, that these proposals could make the difference between someone they know being employed or not.

One of our activities puts a human face on the unemployment figures, encouraging students to see these figures not as cold data, but as representations of real human need. Another will show your students that something as seemingly arcane as an interest rate announcement from the Fed can affect how easily a family is able to put food on the table. Our "unconventional economic indicator" activity has students sift through the details of their own daily observations to find examples of how the economy effects our lives.