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Economic Principles Introduction

Just getting started in economics? This is your place to cover the basic economic principles, the key building blocks you'll need to put together a solid understanding of more complicated economic issues later on.

But first thing's first:

What is economics?
Why does scarcity matter?
What are opportunity costs?
What factors allow economic production?
How do societies measure economic success or failure?

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  • What is an opportunity cost?
  • What is measured in GDP?
  • If a nation’s national income and GDP increase does that mean that the nation’s people are doing better economically?

So, you think it's easy to make the big decisions? Take your turn in the hot seat.

The situation: You've got big dreams... house, career, family, jet packs, pet iguanas. Test our your economic knowledge to see if you're prepared to make your dreams come true. 

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