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Economic Systems
Economic Systems
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Economic Systems Analysis

The key concepts: what you need to know and (more importantly) why

Types of Economic Systems

"You can't always get what you want." That's what the Rolling Stones sang, anyway (check it out: great song even if it's a bit before your time). And while Mick Jagger probably didn't have Econ 1...

America’s Mixed Economy

These days, just about everybody in America has made their peace with the mixed economy. Sure, you might be able to find a true-blue libertarian out there somewhere who truly believes that the gove...

Adam Smith

Two hundred and thirty years ago, America’s economy was far closer to a pure market economy than it is today. In fact, the nation’s birth coincided exactly with the publication of the ultimate...

American Economic History

Alexander HamiltonAdam Smith’s philosophies were widely embraced by most Americans. Smith's emphasis on free, unrestricted economic action echoed Americans’ political and social commitments to...

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