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Edward Saïd
Edward Saïd
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Mariam just loves her some good Chinese food. Looking for recommendations!

Have you tried Kung Fu Karl's Asian Fusion Café? Yummy!

Yes, but thanks for the recommendation. Semioticians just don't get Postcolonialists. I took the wife to Karl's once. One look at the menu and I just about had an aneurism. First I saw Bob's Bamboo Burger, and I'm thinking, okay, some kids are picky and need to eat burgers at a Chinese restaurant. But what's with the name? Karl's whole exploitation of the discourse of bamboo makes my blood boil. Bamboo is of profound economic and cultural significance to South Asia—it's the very material with which people construct their homes—it does not go on a sesame seed bun.

Not to get you steamed up like a dumpling, Ed, but if you can't grab some grub without doing a postcolonial reading of the joint, then I definitely recommend that you avoid the East Meets East Café, which serves Indian, Thai, and Ethiopian food as though all "oriental" countries are the same. You may find some humor in the fake mustaches, neon-colored turbans, and Punjabi music, but I doubt it.

Am just going to go grab Mariam some dim sum from the place around the corner, but thanks.

Went shopping for bras and panties at the new Victoria's Secret down on Montparnasse Boulevard. Couldn't help but notice that the women all have perfect bodies and were just blatantly objectified—as in objects. Mannequins everywhere. Who has a waist-to-chest ratio like that? Come on!

Don't want to call you "Johnny one note," Simone, but are you still on the who "Second Sex" bandwagon? I just happened to be strolling past Victoria's Secret on the way to an Arab Spring Fling, when something in the window caught my eye. They have a new "Go East" line of lingerie, complete with a Sexy Little Geisha teddy decorated with Eastern-inspired florals. And this blonde, blue-eyed vamp is striking a flirty pose with chopsticks and a fan!

Well look who's calling the kettle black. In any case, I'm going to ignore your whole "happened to be strolling by" bit and tell you to stop hanging out in malls and start raising your fist about the new "Make me Asian" Android App. It allows white people to see what they would look like as "a Chinese, Japanese, Korean or any other Asians!" I'm still working on my Gaze App, which allows the Subject to feel the deep confusion and degradation of being the Object. Will keep you posted…

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