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Edgar Allan Poe

Eldorado Analysis

Symbols, Imagery, Wordplay

Form and Meter

Several different types of meter show up in this poem on the way to "Eldorado." In general, the first and second lines, and the fourth and fifth lines, of each stanza are written in a form cal...


Who's the speaker of "Eldorado"? What's he like (and we're just assuming that it's a he)? That question is a little tricky because the poem is a narrative, which means it tells a story. While it's...


There are two major settings in "Eldorado": dark places and bright places—sunshine and shadow, in the poem's words. Well that sounds simple enough doesn't it? Eldorado itself is our big represent...

Sound Check

Have you ever noticed that at the beginning of most scary movies everything seems pretty normal? Usually, everybody is having just a grand old time, there's some light humor, birds are chirping—y...

What's Up With the Title?

Eldorado (or, El Dorado): that's the name the Spanish conquistadors of the 1500s gave to a legendary city made all of gold. Based on conversations with South American natives and the precious gems...

Calling Card

Gloomy and doomy—that pretty much sums up the tone and atmosphere of "Eldorado." As a matter of fact, a lot of Poe's work is like this; there are people that get buried alive ("Cask of Amontillad...


All in all, "Eldorado" is a pretty easy read. Sure, there are a few historical words that need to be explained, like "bedight" and "Eldorado," but that's to be expected in a poem that's over 150 ye...


When Poe's body was found, it was discovered that his clothes had been taken and that he had been dressed in somebody else's suit. (Source.) El Dorado is the name of the county where gold was disco...

Steaminess Rating

"Eldorado" is a serious, somber, and kind of scary poem. There's really nothing sexual about it. Okay, so maybe two dudes do meet up in the middle of nowhere, but one of them is a ghost, and their...


Bible, Psalms 23:4 (21)Eldorado (Even though it's not a real place, it's definitely a word with a lot of history.) (6, 12, 18, 24)

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