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by Edgar Allan Poe

Eldorado Resources


The Best of Edgar Allan Poe

Here's a site with links to many of Poe's most famous poems, stories, and essays.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Poe

Check out this biography of Edgar Allan Poe written in 1941. We dare you to read all of it.

The Gold Rush

This is a short history of the Gold Rush, with links.

This Guy Was There!

Wow! Here's a first-hand account from a miner who participated in the California Gold Rush.

The PBS Special

This is the site for the PBS documentary on the California Gold Rush.


"Eldorado," The Creative Way

Here's a cool, animated interpretation of the poem.

"Eldorado"—In 3D!

Woah. This is a creepy animation of Poe that is animated so it looks like he's reading it in 3D!

Eldorado Is So Metal

Check out the video for this hit song, called "El Dorado" by British metallers Iron Maiden. It was recorded in Chile too, perhaps near the site of the mythical Eldorado!

U2's Big Hit

Here's U2 performing their song "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For."


Nice Voice!

This guy sings "Eldorado" with a guitar.


Check out this Librivox recording of the poem.


Edgar, Edgar, Edgar

Here's the most famous photo (daguerreotype) of Poe ever.

Poe's Tomb

Here's a picture of Poe's tomb, with a rose on it.

We Should All Wear These

Here's a t-shirt with Poe's picture and some lines from "Eldorado."

Where It All Started

This is a picture of Sutter's Mill, where gold was first discovered in California.

The Cartoon Version

Here's a cartoonist's rendering of Eldorado, taken from the movie The Road to El Dorado.

A Gallant Knight

Check out an artist's rendering of a knight that fits Poe's description.

Poe Remembered

This is an obituary about Poe in the Southern Literary Messenger, a periodical he once edited.


The Collected Works

Read 'em all here.

Tales of Mystery and Madness

If you're really into Poe's darker tales, check this out.

Movies & TV

The Road to El Dorado

Here's a website for the animated film about two guys who find El Dorado.

The Raven

This stars John Cusack as Poe himself.

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