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by Sophocles

Electra Betrayal Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Line). We used Lewis Campbell's translation.

Quote #4

And ye, Erinyës, of mortals feared,
Daughters of Heaven, that ever see
Who die unjustly, who are wronged i' the bed
Of those they wed,
Avenge our father's murder on his foe! (112-116)

The Erinyës are the Furies, the avenging spirits that feature prominently in Aeschylus's trilogy. Though they do not appear in this version of Electra, they are referenced repeatedly in the dialogue.

Quote #5

Time bringeth rest (179)

In another words…time heals all wounds. What do you think – true or not in the context of Electra?

Quote #6

Wherefore, with much constraint
And painful urging of his backward will,
Hardly he yielded;--not for his brother's sake. (575-6)

Electra and Clytemnestra debate this point at great length: they disagree on Agamemnon's reasons for sacrificing Iphigenia.

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