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by Sophocles
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Electra Betrayal Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

THE OLD SLAVE For we reach the bourn Of far renowned Mycenae, rich in gold And Pelops' fatal roofs before us rise (9-10)

Mycenae's great fortune has come at a great expense.

Quote #2

ORESTES Thou, too, paternal hearth! To thee I come, Justly to cleanse thee by behest from heaven. (69-70)

Yet in many ways Orestes ends up further tainting his home.

Quote #3

ELECTRA While I behold the sky, Glancing with myriad fires, or this fair day. But, like some brood-bereavèd nightingale (105-8)

The "nightingale" refers to Procne, another girl from Greek mythology also consumed with eternal sorrow.

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