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Clytemnestra Timeline and Summary

  • We hear that Clytemnestra had a bad dream and sent her daughter, Chrysothemis, with libations to Agamemnon's grave.
  • Clytemnestra comes on stage and argues with her daughter. She defends her murder of Agamemnon by claiming he deserved it for sacrificing their daughter, Iphigenia.
  • Clytemnestra threatens her Electra with a "Wait 'till your father gets home!" line.
  • The Queen then prays to Apollo to protect her, especially from, say, an angry son who might come to town with the express purpose of stabbing her to death.
  • When Clytemnestra hears that Orestes is dead from his old slave, she grieves for about two seconds out of maternal obligation. She then invites the slave inside to help her celebrate.
  • Clytemnestra's cries of death are heard from inside the palace.

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