Die Heuning Pot Literature Guide
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Quote #1

while we,
As Phoebus ordered, with luxuriant locks
Shorn from our brows, and fair libations, crown
My father's sepulcher (50-3)

Orestes is as careful as his sister in adhering to his sense of duty.

Quote #2

Awaiting him I endlessly endure;
Unwed and childless still I go,
With tears in constant flow (164-5)

Just as Orestes's entire existence has been aimed toward vengeance, so has Electra's entire life has been directed toward mourning.

Quote #3

Let me have silence from your lips, I pray;
For should my mother know of it, sharp pain
Will follow yet my bold adventurous feat. (469-70)

Chrysothemis is bold only when she can act without fear of retribution.

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