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by Sophocles

Electra: Extra Greece-y True or False

1. What happened upon Agamemnon’s return from the Trojan War? -> He was murdered by his wife and her lover
2. Why did Electra smuggle her brother, Orestes, out of town? -> So that he could return one day to avenge their father
3. What does Orestes send the old slave to do? -> Just some general old slave stuff - filing, dictation, things like that
4. Where do Orestes and Pylades go after returning to Mycenae? -> Agamemnon’s grave
5. How does Electra’s sister, Chrysothemis, behave toward Clytemnestra and Aegisthus? -> She kisses up to them so that she may live a life of comfort
6. Why does Clytemnestra claim she was justified in killing Agamemnon? -> Because he had cheated on her
7. What does Electra decide to do after the old slave comes to the palace? -> Kills her mother
8. What does Orestes do when he happens upon his sister? -> Reveals his true identity
9. Who kills Clytemnestra? -> Keyser Soze
10. What is Aegisthus’ reaction to beholding his wife’s dead body? -> He lashes out at Orestes