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by Sophocles
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Electra Fate and Free Will Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

THE OLD SLAVE 'Tis no time for shy delay: The very moment for your act is come. (23)

This theme of action over talk will be re-iterated time and time again in Electra.

Quote #2

ORESTES Kind faithful friend, how well thou mak'st appear Thy constancy in service to our house! As some good steed, aged, but nobly bred, Slacks not his spirit in the day of war (24-27)

Notice that Orestes uses the image of a charioteer, which will later serve as his false story of death.

Quote #3

ORESTES Had word from Phoebus which you straight shall hear: 'No shielded host, but thine own craft, O King! The righteous death-blow to thine arm shall bring.' (35-38)

Is there any ambiguity in Apollo's message?

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