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by Sophocles

Morality and Ethics Quotes Page 2

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #4

You say you hate them, but belie your word,
Consorting with our father's murderers. (356-8)

Is Electra right? Is Chrysothemis abetting her father's murderers by not standing up to them? Or do you believe that Chrysothemis's decision to play along with the royal couple is justified?

Quote #5

who else but he
Took heart to sacrifice unto the Gods
Thy sister?- (530-2)

Clytemnestra muddies the moral waters with this extra piece of info.

Quote #6

But I'll prove
No rightful vengeance drew thee to the deed,
But the vile bands of him you dwell with now. (561-3)

Motive seems to matter as much or more than action in Electra. Think about the fact that Electra doesn't actually do anything – it is Orestes who commits the double murder. And yet, she is considered to be the play's protagonist.