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by Sophocles
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Electra Morality and Ethics Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

THE CHORUS O sad Electra, child Of a lost mother, why still flow Unceasingly with lamentation wild (121-125)

The Chorus seems to be taking Chrysothemis's more pragmatic point of view. They believe that there is not point to lamenting what can't be changed. If this is true, then why does Electra continue to lament her plight?

Quote #2

THE CHORUS Doth not thy sense enlighten thee to see How recklessly Even now thou winnest undeservèd woe? Still art thou found To make thy misery overflow Through self-bred gloomy strife. (215-19)

Is the Chorus right? Is Electra's grief of her own making?

Quote #3

ELECTRA She watches for the hour wherein with guile She killed our sire, and orders dance and mirth That day o' the month (277-280)

Added info this like convinces the audience that Electra does indeed have the right to kill her mother.

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