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by Sophocles

Electra: Quotes (What was Said) True or False

1. Who said, "May great Olympus’ Lord Return of evil still afford, Nor let them wear the gloss of sovran ease!"? -> Electra
2. Who said, "I’ll tell thee all I know. If thou persist In these thy wailings, they will send thee far From thine own land, and close thee from the day"? -> Chrysothemis
3. Who said, "For not I alone But Justice slew him"? -> Clytemnestra
4. Who said, "She watches for the hour wherein with guile She killed our sire, and orders dance and mirth That day o’ the month"? -> Chorus
5. Who said, "As Phoebus ordered, with luxuriant locks Shorn from our brows, and fair libations, crown My father’s sepulcher"? -> Electra