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Quote #4

I'll tell thee all I know. If thou persist
In these thy wailings, they will send thee far
From thine own land, and close thee from the day,
Where in a rock-hewn chamber thou may'st chant
Thine evil orisons in darkness drear. (379-382)

This raises the dramatic stakes on Orestes taking action quickly.

Quote #5

Yea, when a thing is right, it is not well
Idly to wrangle, but to act with speed. (466)

Chrysothemis is suddenly all about duty, now that there is no risk of getting caught. Think about what this reveals about her character.

Quote #6

For my part, I can dwell on what I have done
Without regret. (548-9)

We can say one thing of the murderers in this play – they all have the courage of their convictions.

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