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Young Zach Condon plays a house show

This photo really captures the surprise and nonchalance of Zach Condon's sudden indie domination.

Zach Condon in concert

After his bedroom recordings made him famous, Condon quickly pulled together a reputedly great stage performance with his eight-piece band, proving himself to be not just an interesting song leader but an engaging performer.

Zach Condon portrait

Condon has been described as "cherubic" and "baby-faced," among other descriptors. Here you have it.

Beirut band

The 8-piece lineup solidified for the album The Flying Club Cup and has been playing together since.

Condon with his tenor ukulele

Apparently he started playing ukulele as something of a joke, but found it was a great instrument for songwriting and far more adaptable than he'd expected.

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