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Elephant Gun

Elephant Gun


by Beirut

Video & Audio

"Elephant Gun" music video

Beirut's first official music video highlights both their musical maturity and their youthful hipsterism; depending on your perspective, they either seem like cool geniuses or like overconfident kids.

Beirut Official Videos

View "Elephant Gun," "The Concubine," and "Postcards from Italy," on Beirut's website (as of July 2011; videos from the new album are forthcoming).

"Elephant Gun" live

Beirut's sound is fabulous recorded, and fabulous live; a video can't capture either of these, but the musicians' power and versatility still comes through a bit.

Zach Condon interview with Rolling Stone

Condon plays beautifully from a conch shell to demonstrate the depth of his love for brass instruments. Apparently shells were the first wind instruments.

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