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Ella Enchanted

Ella Enchanted


by Gail Carson Levine

Ella Enchanted Chapter 13 Summary

  • Ella creeps away from the finishing school before dawn. She trades the wig for supplies from a baker, and gets directions to Uaaxee's farm (or rather, to the giant farms somewhere to the north).
  • She travels happily by herself. It's awesome, because no one is around to give her orders.
  • Unfortunately, her supply of food doesn't last very long. She makes it to the edge of the elves' Forest just as she runs out, and meets an elf.
  • All that language-studying comes in handy, because she's able to have a short convo with him.
  • Turns out, the elf knows her father (potentially unlucky), but (luckily) realizes that Ella doesn't take after him.
  • So, he takes her home and she parties with the elves for the night. They have green skin and mossy hair but are otherwise humanlike.
  • They feed her mostly vegetarian dishes, and she shares her fairy tale book with them. This is a hit, because apparently reading stories about elves when you're an elf is hilarious)
  • The head trader elf, Slannen, shows Ella some Agulen ceramics. They're gorgeous, and the elves give her a cup in the form of a wolf's head. She tries to refuse the gift because it's too valuable, but the elves tell her that they sometimes give away things to people who appreciate them.
  • Take that, Sir Peter.
  • The elves give Ella a pony and a bunch of supplies, saying she would reach the giants in a few days.
  • But that's only if her luck holds, and we're going to guess that it doesn't.

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