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Ella Enchanted

Ella Enchanted


by Gail Carson Levine

Ella Enchanted Chapter 8 Summary

  • Hattie may not like having a face full of dust, but she sure likes knowing that Ella has to do whatever she says.
  • Meanwhile, Ella tries to make herself take the necklace back, but she can't.
  • Thankfully, Hattie falls asleep. Olive pesters Ella for a present to show that they're friends, too, so Ella gives Olive a silver KJ (the local currency) from the bag of money her father had given her.
  • Olive dozes off, too, so Ella can finally take out Mandy's book of fairy tales from Mandy.
  • That's weird. There's an illustration of Mandy chopping a turnip, and Mandy is crying.
  • This starts Ella crying too, although she eventually gets a handle on herself because she refuses to cry in front of Hattie and Olive (even if they're sleeping).
  • The next illustration in the book is of Char talking to the guards who had been at the ogre hut.
  • The following pages are about the legend of "Sir Peter of Frell," showing a picture of Ella's dad riding a coach to his next trading destination.
  • Hm, we're getting the feeling that this isn't exactly an ordinary book.
  • Next is an actual fairy tale, "The Shoemaker and the Elves," but it's told from the elves' point of view and is much more complex.
  • Hattie wakes up and orders Ella to give her the book. By then, it's turned into boring factual-sounding stories, so Hattie gives it back (whew).
  • More trouble ahead.
  • When they reach an inn for the night, Hattie informs Ella that since she took up the space in the carriage meant for their maid, she can basically be their maid. And she can start by taking off Hattie's slippers.
  • Boy, do Hattie's feet stink. Once the slippers are off, Ella tosses them out the window. She's ordered to go fetch them from where they fell into a bucket of slops (that is, gross water). Still, Hattie has to wear the shoes till she can get out new ones. Lesson one: be more careful with the orders.
  • At breakfast the next morning, Hattie orders Ella not to eat her porridge or the bread that follows. Ella manages to defy her long enough to choke down a bite of bread, though, which is her only food on the three-day journey. At least she has Mandy's fairy Tonic to keep her healthy (Hattie insisted on trying it, but apparently didn't like it).

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