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Ella Enchanted

Ella Enchanted


by Gail Carson Levine

Ella Enchanted Resources


Free Will, Author-Style

Can't get enough of Ella Enchanted? Check out Levine's webpage, where she discusses why she made certain choices in the novel.

Ella Enchanted? Discuss.

Scholastic's discussion guide has some thought-provoking questions about the book's plot.

Get Your Translation On

Translations are usually provided in the novel, but this is a handy list of all the different languages in the novel (in case your edition of the book doesn't have a glossary at the end; the 2011 Harper version does).

One Bowl of Unicorn Hair Soup, Coming Up

It's pretty much a vegetable broth with ginger strips in place of the unicorn hair. Because apparently unicorns taste like ginger? We find this disturbing. But probably also good for colds.

No Prince Needed Here

With such a strong heroine, it should be obvious that this could be considered a feminist rewriting—sort of. This article tells us why.

Movie or TV Productions

Ella Not-So-Enchanted (2004)

Beginning with an overbearing bicycle-riding narrator, this sappy rendition of the novel changes A LOT. So much that we wanted to write a whole essay about it. If you can't help yourself, check it out. But don't say we didn't warn you.

Articles and Interviews

The Los Angeles Review of Books Does Ella Enchanted

The author of this review tells us precisely how Levine makes Ella Enchanted so special and different from the regular "Cinderella" story.


"Ella" "Enchanted" movie trailer

Don't say we didn't warn you.

Interview with Princess Expert Anne Hathaway

It's at least interesting to hear the main actress's take on the script and stuff.


Cover Art for Translations of Ella Enchanted

Curious how Ella looks in different languages? Click here.

Prince Charming, Indeed

Well, the movie didn't get everything wrong. Like casting a super-cute guy for the male lead.

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