by Jane Austen
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Character Role Analysis


We know, we know. We’re double-dipping. But Emma’s actually her own worst enemy. (Mrs. Elton is probably a close second, but we’re not going to dignify her with the honor.) At the end of the day – or more specifically, at the end of the novel – Emma’s the only character that’s strong enough to pose a potential threat to her own well-being. Think about it: she manages to talk herself out of loving Frank before he can ditch her, she slaps Mr. Elton aside like a wet dishrag, and she even manages to convince Harriet that poor girls can be princesses. After all of that, who could stand in Emma’s way? As it turns out, Emma herself. Convinced that she never needs to marry, Emma forgets completely about her need for love. That’s where most of her problems begin.

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