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by Jane Austen

Emma Chapter Forty-Four Summary

  • Making fun of Miss Bates is different than all other times we’ve read about Emma’s mistakes: when she wakes up in the morning, Emma still feels rotten.
  • She wishes, above all, that she could tell Mr. Knightley how sorry she feels.
  • Emma leaves early in the morning to call on Miss Bates.
  • She can’t really apologize, but at least she can show that she’s sorry!
  • When she gets to the Bates house, the servant lets her in.
  • There’s a strange scramble upstairs, though…almost as if people are running away.
  • As it turns out, people were running away.
  • Jane and Miss Bates, to be precise.
  • Feeling even more penitent than before, Emma sits down to talk to Mrs. Bates.
  • Eventually Miss Bates comes out of a back room, apologizing that Jane is "ill."
  • Miss Bates, quick to forgive, begins chatting with Emma about Highbury gossip.
  • Most surprisingly, she tells Emma that Jane has finally accepted the governess position that Mrs. Elton found (and shoved down her throat).
  • She’ll work for a friend of the Sucklings.
  • Really, it’s hard to imagine a better opportunity.
  • Or at least, that’s what Mrs. Elton keeps saying.

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