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by Jane Austen

Emma Chapter Fifty Summary

  • Our narrator reminds us that one major obstacle to Emma’s happiness still exists: her father.
  • Mr. Woodhouse would be devastated if his last daughter left him.
  • Oh, yeah – and also Harriet.
  • First things first: Emma writes a letter to Harriet, explaining all that’s happened.
  • That’s enough to ruin her day – but luckily, Mr. Knightley shows up just as she’s getting really sad.
  • And who could stay sad long with the perfect man around?
  • Right after he leaves, she gets a letter from Mrs. Weston –which includes in it a letter from Frank.
  • Frank’s letter explains all that’s happened ever since he met Jane.
  • He also apologizes for seeming to lead Emma on – but he was convinced that she knew about Jane.
  • He says lots of nice things about everyone – including Emma – and seems truly sorry.
  • We know, we know – it’s a bit hard to believe him. But Emma does.

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