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by Jane Austen

Frank Churchill Timeline and Summary

  • Mr. and Mrs. Weston receive letters from Frank promising a visit, but he doesn’t come.
  • He finally shows up, pleasing everyone with his nice manners.
  • Emma begins to fall in love with Frank.
  • At Mrs. Cole’s dinner party, Emma and Frank make fun of Jane Fairfax.
  • Frank and Emma plan a ball.
  • Frank goes to the Bates house to hear Jane play on the piano.
  • Before the ball, Frank has to return to his aunt’s house.
  • He moves around with his aunt for awhile.
  • When he returns, the Westons hold a ball.
  • He seems changed, however – more distant than Emma remembered.
  • Frank arrives late (and angry) to Mr. Knightley’s party. He met Jane and fought with her on the road.
  • Flirting with Emma at the Box Hill party because he’s angry at Jane, Frank loses control of himself.
  • Mrs. Churchill sends for Frank; she dies shortly after this.
  • Frank confesses that he’s been engaged to Jane to his uncle.
  • He returns to Highbury to ask Jane to honor their engagement.
  • Frank tells his father about the secret engagement.
  • Emma is the first to know about the engagement; she and Frank reconcile and agree to be good friends.