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by Jane Austen

Harriet Smith Timeline and Summary

  • Harriet is presented to Emma at a party. Emma decides to promote Harriet into better society.
  • Harriet spends all her time at Hartfield.
  • Emma convinces Harriet to fall in love with Mr. Elton. She paints Harriet’s picture (with Elton watching).
  • Mr. Elton writes a riddle for Harriet’s riddle-book.
  • Harriet gets sick.
  • Mr. Elton proposes to Emma instead of Harriet.
  • Mourning the loss of her love, Harriet mopes for weeks. And weeks.
  • She becomes convinced that Mr. Elton is perfect.
  • Harriet runs into Mr. Robert Martin in a store, which sends her pulse racing.
  • She visits the Martins and has a lovely time.
  • At a dance, Mr. Elton slights her. Mr. Knightley rescues her and asks her to dance.
  • Harriet gets attacked by some gypsies. Frank Churchill saves her.
  • Confessing to Emma that she’s fallen in love again, Harriet decides that she really can reach for the stars when it comes to marriage.
  • It turns out, however, that she loves Mr. Knightley.
  • Emma sends her away from Hartfield.
  • After Emma and Mr. Knightley get engaged, Harriet goes to London to visit Isabella.
  • She meets Mr. Martin there. They get engaged.