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by Jane Austen

Emma: Hey - This is Ripping Off Clueless! True or False

1. Which of the following describes Emma’s standing in society? -> She is a social outcast
2. With whom does Emma live? -> Her father
3. What does Emma to do keep things interesting? -> She takes on a protégé
4. What does Emma try to find for Harriet? -> A husband
5. In whom does Mr. Elton take an interest? -> Emma
6. What does Emma do when Frank Churchill comes to town? -> Falls in love with him
7. With what does Mr. Knightley continually supply Emma? -> Advice
8. Who falls in love with Mr. Knightley? -> Harriet
9. What does Emma do when she realizes her feelings? -> Goes to confessional
10. Whom does Harriet marry? -> Mr. Knightley