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by Jane Austen

Jane Fairfax Timeline and Summary

  • Jane arrives in Highbury to stay with her aunt and grandmother, Miss and Mrs. Bates.
  • We learn her history:
  • Jane is the daughter of an army officer. A friend of her father’s, Colonel Campbell, raises her after her father dies.
  • Jane spent time in Weymouth with the colonel’s family. She met Frank there.
  • When the colonel’s daughter gets married, Jane leaves. She plans to be a governess.
  • Jane receives a piano from an anonymous friend.
  • Jane plays Mrs. Cole’s piano at a party.
  • The new Mrs. Elton decides to "protect" Jane. Ugh.
  • Mrs. Elton tries to find Jane a position as a governess.
  • Tired of her family and friends, Jane runs away from the party at Mr. Knightley’s.
  • She meets Frank on the road; they fight.
  • Jane gets upset after Frank and Emma flirt scandalously.
  • Frank leaves; Jane becomes very ill.
  • She refuses to see Emma.
  • Jane takes a position as a governess with a family friend of Mrs. Elton’s.
  • After Mrs. Churchill dies, Frank comes back to make their engagement public.
  • Mrs. Weston visits Jane to congratulate her.
  • Once the engagement is public, Emma and Jane become friends.