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by Jane Austen

Miss Bates Timeline and Summary

  • Miss Bates is delighted that her niece is coming.
  • She tells Emma all about it.
  • Miss Bates comes to visit Hartfield to thank Emma for sending her pork.
  • She comes to the Coles’ dinner, FULL of gossip.
  • Miss Bates invites Emma and Harriet into her home to listen to Jane play piano.
  • She finally gets on Jane’s nerves at the Donwell Abbey party.
  • Emma insults her at the Box Hill party.
  • Miss Bates, too good-natured to think badly of Emma, assumes that it must be her own fault.
  • She and Jane don’t want to see Emma.
  • Emma visits and Miss Bates forgives her.
  • Miss Bates is delighted at the news of Jane’s engagement.