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by Jane Austen

Mr. Elton Timeline and Summary

  • Mr. Elton spends time at Hartfield.
  • He admires Emma (and Harriet).
  • He superintends Emma’s painting.
  • Mr. Elton offers to take the painting to London to get it framed.
  • He writes a riddle for Harriet’s book.
  • Mr. Elton proposes to Emma after the Weston’s party.
  • He’s very angry when she refuses.
  • He never liked Harriet.
  • Mr. Elton leaves town for awhile. He comes back engaged to Miss Hawkins.
  • At the Westons’ dance, he snubs Harriet.
  • Mr. Elton joins his wife at the Donwell Abbey and Box Hill parties.
  • He officiates at the marriage of Emma and Mr. Knightley.