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by Jane Austen

Mr. Weston Timeline and Summary

  • Mr. Weston delights in having guests over.
  • He spreads the news that his son will soon visit.
  • When Frank arrives, he brings him immediately to Hartfield.
  • Mr. Weston holds a Christmas Eve party.
  • He doesn’t tell his guests that it’s snowing because he wants to keep them there.
  • When Frank wants to hold a ball, Mr. Weston gets very excited.
  • He forgives Frank when he has to leave; it’s his aunt’s fault.
  • When Frank returns, the Westons throw a ball.
  • When Frank gets engaged, Mr. Weston goes to tell Emma.
  • He leaks news of the engagement to the whole town.
  • At first, he’s upset at the thought of hurting Emma, but he finally approves of Jane.
  • He also leaks the news of Emma’s engagement to the town.
  • The Westons have a baby.

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