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by Jane Austen

Mr. Woodhouse Timeline and Summary

  • Mr. Woodhouse stays at home.
  • He mourns the loss of Miss Taylor – for her sake.
  • Emma hosts a party for him; he tries to send half the food back.
  • When Isabella arrives, they eat gruel together and talk about doctors.
  • Mr. Woodhouse is convinced to go to the Westons’ Christmas party. He panics when it starts snowing.
  • He stays home for the Coles’ party. Emma gets Mrs. Bates to sit with him.
  • Mr. Woodhouse decides he likes Mrs. Elton because she’s a bride. He compliments her at their party.
  • When Harriet gets attacked by the gypsies, Mr. Woodhouse panics.
  • Mr. Knightley sets out all his collections for Mr. Woodhouse to view at the Donwell Abbey party.
  • After Mr. Knightley and Emma get engaged; they tell Mr. Woodhouse.
  • He’s very unhappy about it – they promise to move into Hartfield with him.
  • He doesn’t want them to get married for years.
  • When Mrs. Weston’s chicken coops get robbed, he changes his mind. He needs a man’s protection.