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by Jane Austen

Mrs. Elton Timeline and Summary

  • We learn Mrs. Elton’s history before she arrives:
  • She’s the daughter of a merchant; her sister is married to a somewhat wealthy man.
  • She brings £10,000 to her marriage with Mr. Elton.
  • Mrs. Elton tries to establish herself as one of the members of high society.
  • She tries to befriend Emma.
  • Talking incessantly about her sister’s husband, Mrs. Elton annoys everyone.
  • She decides to become Jane’s "friend."
  • Suddenly, she no longer tries to talk to Emma all the time.
  • Mrs. Elton forgets to pick Jane up for the Westons’ party, but then she insists that her carriage should be sent.
  • She rejoices when her husband slights Harriet.
  • Mrs. Elton tries to organize an expedition to Box Hill.
  • She and Mr. Knightley get into a battle of powers over the Donwell Abbey party. Mr. Knightley wins.
  • Her sister’s friends need a governess. Mrs. Elton insists that Jane take the position.
  • She writes to her sister on Jane’s behalf.
  • After Jane’s engagement is made public, Mrs. Elton believes she’s the only one who knows about it.
  • Mrs. Elton attends Emma’s wedding and criticizes it.