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by Jane Austen

Mrs. Weston Timeline and Summary

  • Mrs. Weston gets married right before the novel begins.
  • She visits Emma almost every day.
  • Mrs. Weston isn’t convinced that Frank will ever visit.
  • When he does, she’s quick to forgive him.
  • At Christmas, she hosts a dinner party.
  • Mrs. Weston and Mr. Knightley have a conversation about Harriet and Emma.
  • She begins to think that Emma and Frank would make a good couple.
  • She believes that Mr. Knightley might like Jane; Emma disagrees.
  • Mrs. and Mr. Weston host a ball at the Crown.
  • At Donwell Abbey, she stays with Mr. Woodhouse, going over the collections there.
  • When the news of Frank’s engagement breaks, she’s very worried for Emma.
  • Mrs. Weston goes to visit Jane, getting the whole story of the engagement.
  • She tells Emma all about it.
  • The Westons have a baby.