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The Emperor of Ice-Cream

The Emperor of Ice-Cream


by Wallace Stevens

The Emperor of Ice-Cream Resources


Everything Wallace Stevens

For all of you wanting just a good, clear, get-to-the point look at the life of the poet and his work.

He's No "Lifestyle" Poet

Folks just can't seem to get over the stark contrast between Wallace Stevens the man and Wallace Stevens the poet. Why couldn't he just stumble out of bars screaming at the heavens like a normal poet?

Friends and Enemies, Welcome

Check out this group of Wallace Stevens fans (and… others), based in Stevens' home of Hartford, Connecticut.


Weird and Perfect for the Emperor

These guys do a pretty great job of capturing the weirdness and fun of "The Emperor of Ice-Cream" in their short animated video.

Bill Murray Digs Wallace Stevens

Check out Bill Murray reading a poem by Wallace Stevens, even if it's just to hear Murray's quirky voice.

Rock Out, '90s-Style

Check out this passable, '90s-era pop rock outfit from Ireland. Ladies and gentleman, The Emperor of Ice-Cream!


A Serious Reading

We like this rich-voiced presentation.


Here's another audio version.

Articles and Interviews

"He's no Jekyll-Hyde"

Here's an interview with the New York Times back in 1954. It's a good snapshot of the poet, his work, and his attitude about life.


The poet's own obituary is worth having a look at, considering the context of "The Emperor of Ice-Cream."

A "Pure" Poet

Check out this pretty lukewarm review of Stevens' first book, Harmonium.

Wallace Stevens, Football Fan?

At least one writer imagines the connection.


Things Merely Are

Philosophy and poetry don't have to be totally unapproachable and this writer does a great job of breaking things down for us when it comes to Wallace Stevens.

A Poet's Growth

Critic George Lensing provides a concise (still a book) yet interesting run-through of the poet's life and work.

Letters of Wallace Stevens

It's always fun exploring the nitty-gritty of poets' lives… if you're not the poet, that is. But if your daughter puts it together, it can't be that bad, right?


Deep Thoughts

Just imagine the ideas rolling around in ol' Wallace's noggin.

Artist's Rendition (#1)

Here is a cool artist's interpretation of "The Emperor of Ice-Cream."

Artist's Rendition (#2)

Another interpretation can be found here.

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