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Ender's Game

Ender's Game


by Orson Scott Card

Ender's Game Resources


Orson Scott Card's Website

OSC’s website, including an awesome research area where Card answers reader questions. Whatever you think of him or his book, you have to respect the work he put into responding to his readers here.

TV Tropes on Ender's Game

While this is sometimes difficult to read – because they have their own jokey names for things – TV Tropes still makes a bunch of nice connections between different works. You know how Ender’s game at the end turns out to be a real war – well, they have a whole list of works that use the “And you thought it was a game” trope.

Have a Minute for Ender's Game?

The super-short, one-minute version of Ender’s Game.  Really.

Articles and Interviews

"Creating the Innocent Killer"

John Kessel argues that Ender’s Game has some problems because of how much it lets Ender get away with. We might not totally agree with him, but this essay is very smart and is worth reading – even if just to argue against it.

What do Adults Think of Ender's Game?

This website gives adult reviews to see if books are OK for kids. We wouldn’t take this too seriously, but it’s funny to see Ender’s Game accused of “frequent moderate swearing.” Was there?... Their bottom line: it’s emotionally gripping, though there are no good role models.

The New York Times's (Tiny) Review

The reviewer likes it, but he only gives it two paragraphs.

How Close Did Card Get to Imagining the Power of the Internet?

Or, what would really happen if you tried to take over the world by writing opinions online (as Peter and Val do)?

Ender's Game as a Movie or a Game -- or Not?

Over at Time, Lev Grossman (who writes science fiction and fantasy) discusses some of the problems of adapting Ender’s Game.


Ender in Exile

Orson Scott Card discusses this new (!!!) Ender sequel.

Marvel Hotline: Ender's Game: Battle School

Card discusses the Marvel adaptation of Ender’s Game.

Card at Comic-Con

OSC made an appearance at Comic-Con in New York in 2008. Check out his interview there.


Orson Scott Card on NPR (2009)

Around the time that Marvel adapted Ender’s Game, Card went on NPR to talk about it.


Marvel's Comic Book Version

This link should take you to a site where you can read the first few pages of Marvel’s adaptation of Ender’s Game.

Speaker for the Dead

A sequel to Ender's Game that picks up where EG left off. Check out the Google Books preview here.

Ender's Shadow

A parallel book telling the story of Ender's Game from Bean's perspective. Take a peek using Amazon's preview.


Ender's Game Covers

Ender’s Game has had a lot of editions, and boy do people like coming up with new covers for them.

Orson Scott Card in Person

Looks like a pretty nice guy.

As a Little Guy

Card has a whole collection of pictures on his site of him as a kid. Also, in case you haven't been around any 6-11 year olds lately, this will help to remind you of how young Ender is.

Movie or TV Productions

Ender's Game... Coming to Theaters?

There has never been an Ender’s Game movie, but there’s always been talk about making one. And maybe it will finally happen.

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