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by Samuel Beckett
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Endgame Compassion and Forgiveness Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

HAMM What have you done with your bicycle-wheels? CLOV I never had a bicycle. HAMM The thing is impossible. CLOV When there were still bicycles, I wept to have one. I crawled at your feet. You told me to go to hell. Now there are none. (1.67-71)

Can you detect any bitterness in Clov's tone? Is he so used to Hamm's cruelty to him that he is simply reporting the facts or is there a sign that he still holds out hope that Hamm can be sympathetic?

Quote #2

CLOV There's no more pap. HAMM (to Nagg) Do you hear that? There's no more pap. You'll never get any more pap. NAGG I want me pap! (1.85)

Why is Hamm treating his father like a child? Why is his father acting like a child? What has allowed the two to reverse roles, as they do here?

Quote #3

CLOV You shouldn't speak to me like that. (Pause.) HAMM (coldly) Forgive me. (Pause. Louder.) I said, Forgive me. CLOV I heard you. (1.124-126)

Hamm reveals that he is demanding forgiveness, not requesting it. If he does not give Clov a choice, why does he still feel the need to ask for forgiveness?

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