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by Samuel Beckett
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Endgame Defeat Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

HAMM All right, be off. (He leans back in his chair, remains motionless. Clov does not move, heaves a great groaning sigh. Hamm sits up.) I thought I told you to be off. CLOV I'm trying (He goes to door, halts.) Ever since I was whelped. (1.139-140)

How can Clov choose not to leave and yet also be tormented by that choice? When Hamm takes pride in how much he makes Clov suffer, what is there to keep him there?

Quote #2

HAMM And the horizon? Nothing on the horizon? CLOV(lowering the telescope, turning towards Hamm, exasperated) What in God's name could there be on the horizon? (Pause.) HAMM The waves, how are the waves? CLOV The waves? (He turns the telescope on the waves.) Lead. HAMM And the sun? CLOV(looking) Zero. (1.319-324)

What do you make of the fact that Clov is the one who has to report on the desolation? Why does Hamm repeatedly make him go to the windows do survey the landscape? Can Hamm not accept their defeat because he can't see it with his own eyes?

Quote #3

HAMM Why don't you finish us? (Pause.) I'll tell you the combination of the cupboard if you promise to finish me. CLOV I couldn't finish you. HAMM Then you won't finish me. (1.389-391)

Is Hamm actually more defiant in the face of defeat than Clov is or is he just not in a position of power to end their situation? Do you think Hamm would finish himself if he could?

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