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by Samuel Beckett

Endgame: Did You See Mulholland Drive? It’s Weirder Than That. Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Endgame? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. Where are the characters trapped?

In Hamm’s home
In a bomb shelter
In a grossly oversized butterfly net that they probably should have seen coming
In a subway station
Q. Which of the following describes Hamm?

Delicious, especially in an omelet
Extremely athletic and muscular
Blind and crippled
Q. Where are Hamm’s mother and father?

In kitchen cupboards
In trash bins
In glass cubes
Buried in a nearby cemetery
Probably off trying to catch the early bird special at Denny’s
Q. Where does Hamm tell Clov he wants to be?

Inside the walls
In the exact center of the room
Up on the roof, near the chimney
In a Tennessee Williams play, where things might be more depressing, but at least they wouldn’t be so weird
Q. What does Hamm ask Clov to do?

Marry his daughter
Mop the floors
Kill him
Q. What does Nagg need to get before he will listen to Hamm’s story?

A bottle of sparkling grape juice
A sugarplum
An alarm clock
Q. What does Clov discover when he goes to check on Nell?

She is dead
She has killed Nagg
She is missing
Embarrassingly, they are wearing the same dress
Q. What does Hamm keep asking Clov to bring him?

A moose head
His lucky rabbit’s foot
A stuffed dog
Q. What does Clov think he sees outside?

A double rainbow... it’s so beautiful...
A bear
A boy
A tank
Q. With what does Hamm cover his face?

A paper bag
A handkerchief
Bits of colored newspaper, as a school art project