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by Samuel Beckett

Endgame: Did You See Mulholland Drive? It’s Weirder Than That. True or False

1. Where are the characters trapped?→In a bomb shelter
2. Which of the following describes Hamm?→Extremely athletic and muscular
3. Where are Hamm’s mother and father?→In trash bins
4. Where does Hamm tell Clov he wants to be?→Inside the walls
5. What does Hamm ask Clov to do?→Kill him
6. What does Nagg need to get before he will listen to Hamm’s story?→An alarm clock
7. What does Clov discover when he goes to check on Nell?→She is dead
8. What does Hamm keep asking Clov to bring him?→A moose head
9. What does Clov think he sees outside?→A bear
10. With what does Hamm cover his face?→Bits of colored newspaper, as a school art project