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by Samuel Beckett
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Endgame Language and Communication Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

CLOV I'll leave you. HAMM No! CLOV What is there to keep me here? HAMM The dialogue. (1.580-582)

How does this line create a meta-theatrical moment? What other connotations does it take on because this is a play being performed in a theater? What would there be to keep Clov going if he was alone and there was no dialogue?

Quote #2

CLOV Keep going, can't you, keep going! HAMM That's all. I stopped there. (Pause.) CLOV Do you see how it goes on. HAMM More or less. CLOV Will it soon be the end? HAMM I'm afraid it will. (1.615-620)

How does Hamm's storytelling give way to the present moment? How is the present moment relate to his story? Is narrating the story an act of power? Is giving up narration an admission of defeat?

Quote #3

HAMM Then babble, babble, words, like a solitary child who turns himself into children, two, three, so as to be together, and whisper together, in the dark. (1.688)

How do words keep Hamm company? Being blind, in what ways is Hamm more dependent on words than the people around him? To what extent do words make up the world that Hamm lives in?

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