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by Samuel Beckett

Nell Timeline and Summary

  • Nagg knocks on Nell's trash bin and wakens her. She asks if it time for love. Nagg asks her to kiss him, but the find that they cannot.
  • Nell says that she can hardly see Nagg, but decides that it is so much the better.
  • Nell and Nagg laugh about crashing their tandem bicycle and losing their shanks.
  • Nell tells Nagg that Hamm has not changed her sand, and gets irritated with him for calling it sawdust. She thinks that they need to be accurate.
  • Nell yells at Nagg for laughing at Hamm for saying that he has a heart in his head. She then says, "Nothing is funnier than unhappiness" (1.195).
  • Nell refuses to scratch Nagg's back. She tries to cry, but she cannot.
  • She recalls with Nagg the first time that he told her the joke of the English tailor on Lake Como one April afternoon.
  • She cannot believe that they went rowing at one time. She says she laughed because she was happy, but Nagg denies this.
  • Clov bottles Nell at Hamm's demand.
  • Later, while Nagg is listening to Hamm's story, he knocks on Nell's bin, but she does not respond.
  • Hamm asks Clov to see if Nell is dead, and he reports that she is. Nagg is in his bin crying.