Die Heuning Pot Literature Guide
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Quote #4

Why this farce, day after day?
Routine. One never knows. (1.334-335)

Is Hamm here admitting that there is nothing driving them forward except inertia? Are there any points where he contradicts this viewpoint?

Quote #5

And without going so far as that, we ourselves…
(with emotion)
…we ourselves…at certain moments…
To think perhaps it won't all have been for nothing! (1.345)

Is Hamm's willingness to consider such possibilities in order to sustain himself a sign of strength or a sign of weakness? Are these the thoughts that keep Hamm going or is there something else? Is Hamm motivated by fear or hope?

Quote #6

But beyond the hills? Eh? Perhaps it's still green. Eh? (1.405)

Is this really what motivates Hamm? Is there a greater form of endurance that considers in pushing forward while accepting complete uncertainty? Is endurance in the absence of hope still endurance?

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