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by Samuel Beckett
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Endgame Pride Quotes

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Quote #1

NAGG I hope the day will come when you'll really need to have me listen to you, and need to hear my voice, any voice. (1.561)

Is this a sign of vanity on Hamm's part or just the desperation of a father that has been ignored? How does being in a position of power increase one's vanity and decrease their sympathy? How does being out of power do the reverse?

Quote #2

CLOV Pah! You'll make up another. HAMM I don't know. (Pause.) I feel rather drained. (Pause.) The prolonged creative effort. (1.621-622)

Is there any sign here that Hamm is being tongue in cheek or does he have no sense of the ridiculous nature of his own vanity? Why does Hamm need Clov there to witness his vanity? Does vanity always require a witness?

Quote #3

HAMM Open the window. CLOV What for? HAMM I want to hear the sea. CLOV You wouldn't hear it. HAMM Even if you opened the window? CLOV No. HAMM Then it's not worth opening it? CLOV No. HAMM(violently) Then open it! (1.646-654)

Why does Clov's implicit refusal to open the window make Hamm that much more determined to have him open it? What vulnerability is Hamm hiding and how does Clov tap into it by pointing out that there is no point to opening the window?

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