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by Samuel Beckett

Endgame Resources

Movie or TV Productions

A Snazzy Recent Production

Conor McPherson's version of Endgame for the award-winning collection Beckett on Film.

Beckett Directs Beckett

A 1992 version of Endgame directed by the man himself.


Rick Cluchey Clip 1

Beckett's friend and head of San Quentin Prison's workshop takes a stab at Hamm. A little dry, but his heart is in the right place.

Rick Cluchey Clip 2

Alan Mandell as Nagg in Cluchey's production. It's the scene where they pray, and then Hamm curses God.

If You Don't Think Endgame is Weird Enough…

Take a try at Not I. This is the original production with Beckett's favorite actress, Billie Whitelaw. Warning: it's a bit terrifying.


A Literary Reading of Endgame
The very-talented reader Jack Emery takes a stab at one of Hamm's monologues.


Samuel Beckett

A famous portrait of Beckett later in life that was briefly used in an Apple computer ad campaign "Think Differently."

Nagg and Nell

Camera shot of a production of Endgame. It's that famous scene where Nagg and Nell go in for the kiss.

Hamm and Clov

A melodramatic Clov stands beside his wheelchair-ridden master.


The Play Itself

An online version of Endgame, start to finish.

Trying to Understand Endgame

Put your thinking caps on. One of the most well-known philosophers of the 20th century, Theodor Adorno, tries to make sense of Endgame. (PDF)

"Sam I Am"

Self-proclaimed up-and-coming writer Benjamin Kunkel takes a crack at explaining Beckett's work. The article provides a nice biographical overview.


All Things Beckett

A site that has links to a lot of Beckett texts, productions, and critical works. If you're curious about Beckett, this is a good place to start.

Another Great Catch-All for Anything Related to Beckett

This also has a number of links to reviews, studies, texts, and a few of the rare interviews that Beckett gave during his life.

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