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An Enemy of the People

An Enemy of the People


by Henrik Ibsen

Hovstad Timeline and Summary

  • Hovstad has a lovely dinner at the Doctor's house.
  • He trades a few jibes with the Mayor.
  • When Dr. Stockmann announces his discovery about the unsanitary Baths, Hovstad is excited because he can use it against the Mayor and his cronies.
  • He schemes with Billing about causing a liberal revolution in the town.
  • Hovstad promises the Doctor that he'll publish the article exposing the heath risks of the Baths.
  • He congratulates Dr. Stockmann on his strongly worded article, and criticizes Aslaksen for being too timid in his political beliefs.
  • Hovstad makes a pass at Petra, Dr. Stockmann's daughter, intimating that he's helping her father in part because he's got a thing for her.
  • When the Mayor comes to talk to him, he's easily convinced not to publish the Doctor's article.
  • Later, he speaks out against Dr. Stockmann at the public meeting.
  • H wrongly assumes that the Doctor's recent activities have all been a ploy to take over the Baths, and he tries to get in on the supposed scheme.
  • The irate Dr. Stockmann chases him away with an umbrella.