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An Enemy of the People

An Enemy of the People


by Henrik Ibsen

Mayor Peter Stockmann Timeline and Summary

  • The Mayor interrogates Hovstad about the article the Doctor is writing.
  • Gets mad at the Doctor when the Doctor won't tell him what investigations he's doing on the Baths.
  • He receives a report from his brother, saying that the Baths are contaminated with dangerous bacteria.
  • Mayor Stockmann informs Dr. Stockmann that the supposedly necessary renovations to the Baths would ruin the town, and tells Dr. Stockmann that his report isn't sufficient.
  • He tries to talk his brother out of publishing the report.
  • The Mayor threatens to fire the Doctor from his position as Medical Officer at the Baths if he doesn't keep quiet.
  • When the Doctor won't comply, Mayor Stockmann turns Aslaksen and Hovstad against him.
  • The Mayor arranges to have article published that says that everything is great with the Baths.
  • He then manipulates the town meeting so as to not allow Dr. Stockmann to read his article out loud.
  • The Mayor is horribly offended and publicly humiliated by his brother's tirade about society.
  • After firing his brother, he offers to give him his job back in a few months if he retracts all his statements.
  • Mayor Stockmann accuses his brother of being in league with Morten Kiil in an attempt to take over the Baths.
  • He makes his exit confident that he has thoroughly defeated his truth-loving brother.