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Quote #10

Dr. Stockmann: "Don't you know any street urchins--regular ragamuffins--?"
Morten: "Yes, father, I know lots!"
Dr. Stockmann: "That's capital! Bring me some specimens of them. I am going to experiment with curs, just for once; there may be some exceptional heads among them." (5.297-5.299)

In the end, the Doctor decides that the only solution for his polluted society is to reeducate from the bottom up. He decides to take the poor kids in the town, the ones on the fringes of society, and educate them. It's interesting how Dr. Stockmann can call these children names like "curs," yet still think that some of them have potential. He seems to look down on the lower classes, while at the same time, having respect for them.

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