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Energy Flow and Enzymes

Energy Flow and Enzymes

Energy Flow and Enzymes: Close Your System True or False

1. Which of the following has the greatest entropy? -> Leaves fallen from trees on the ground
2. Which of the following is not an example of an open system? -> A park
3. An endergonic reaction will only proceed spontaneously if -> the entropy of the system is increased.
4. The change in entropy of a system plus the change in entropy of the surroundings is -> always positive.
5. If a spontaneous reaction increases the order of the system, what can be said about heat? -> Heat must be absorbed by the system.
6. An atom that has been oxidized has -> gained oxygen.
7. Which of the following determines the rate of an enzymatic reaction? -> The concentration of reactants
8. At really low substrate concentrations, -> ΔG is negative.
9. An inhibitor that binds to the active site of an enzyme is called -> a competitive inhibitor.
10. If you drop your biology binder and the pages fly out, which fundamental law of physics helps explain why all the papers in your biology binder won’t stay in order? -> The second law of thermodynamics