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Energy Flow and Enzymes

Energy Flow and Enzymes

Energy Flow and Enzymes: Enzymatic, Systematic, and Hydromatic True or False

1. Which of the following is NOT true about enzymes? -> They lower the activation energy of a reaction.
2. If you know that a reaction greatly increases the entropy of a system, -> the reaction will likely proceed spontaneously, but you still need to take into account the ΔH value.
3. Which of the following are not consumed or created in a biochemical reaction? -> Enzymes
4. An atom that has been reduced has -> lost a proton.
5. Which of the following remains constant in the universe? -> Energy
6. A protein will -> always become more disordered.
7. Chaperones are proteins that -> help a protein fold into its lowest possible energy state.
8. Which of the following is the best indicator that a reaction will occur spontaneously? -> ΔG < 0
9. The active site is -> a specific site on an enzyme where only a particular substrate will bind.
10. Hydrophilic molecules are best described as -> water-hating.